What's your property worth?


    How do you estimate the value of my home?
    Unlike other property valuation calculators, Homesuite uses a sophisticated algorithm (built by CoreLogic) to calculate your current home value. With an RP Data feed (plus our own historical selling information), we can determine the optimal price for a property like yours.

    How often do I need to find out what my property's worth?
    A home value estimate is usually deemed ‘current' if it's no more than three months old.

    What changes my home value?
    A number of factors can alter the property value, up or down. This includes the historical sale price for the home, the quality of the suburb, new local attractions and upcoming developments, the condition of the house, recent additions or renovations, and the current real estate market performance.

    How can I increase the current value of my home?
    If you're not satisfied with how much your house is worth, consider investing time boosting its market value. Improve the street appeal, extend your outdoor entertainment area, install new tapware, remodel the kitchen or bathroom, repaint the entire home, and switch to energy efficient features.

    I'm not ready to downsize yet. Can I still find out what my home is worth?
    Yes, if you're curious about how much your property is worth, start the process anytime. Just be prepared to repeat the estimation closer to when you're planning to sell your house.

    Once I know what my property is worth, what happens next?
    Determining the value of your property helps you to understand what’s possible. From here, our team of property experts can arrange appraisals and kickstart your downsizing journey by arranging services like decluttering, pre-sale repairs, maintenance and more.

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