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A Downsizing Checklist - from Decision to Sale

One of the biggest barriers to downsizing is the move itself. You’ve likely lived in your family home for decades. Everything doubles as a memory, especially if you raised kids in the house. The downsizing process can take months, or years even. 

From the initial conversation you have with your family through to the successful sale, there are dozens of things you need to do. When you engage Homesuite, you’ll have a personal home downsizing specialist with you, step-by-step, to guide the sale. Whether you’re stuck figuring out what to pack, you need painters to add value to the sale price or it’s time for the less ‘sexy’ parts like conveyancing, we’ll oversee it all. 

Homesuite empowers you to downsize confidently, with amazing results. It’s never too early to reach out to us, no matter where you are in your downsizing journey. While every downsizing move is different, draw inspiration from this checklist to maximise your result. 

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3-6 months before:  

  • Go through all your belongings, to declutter and downsize, one room at a time. Start with your storage areas. Assign every item a category: Keep, Sell or Donate/Give Away. Set aside half a day per week in the lead-up. 

  • Invite your family and friends over to go through your Donate/Give Away items. See if they can go to a familiar home. Take the remaining belongings to an opp shop. 

  • Get a professional in to check the state of your home, before putting it up for sale. Make a list of the structural and cosmetic repairs. Book tradespeople as soon as possible. Homesuite can arrange your painters, landscapers, handymen, and other downsizing experts. 

  • Give your property a deep clean. Bring in professionals to thoroughly clean your carpets, windows, concrete, roof, gutters, and walkways. Deep clean the parts of the house that don’t often get attention, such as the cabinet doors, handles, and window panes. 

  • Go through all your important documents and make sure they’re in a safe place. This includes your asset paperwork, passports, marriage and birth certificates, wills, medical records, legal paperwork, IDs, photographs, degrees, and tax records. 

  • Make a list of all the institutions you need to inform about your change of address — banks, insurances, investment and retirement providers, Department of Human Services (Medicare and Centrelink), ATO, Australia Post, voter’s registration, driver’s license and car registration, subscriptions, health facilities, sports clubs, your phone provider, and accountant. 

Take the stress out of downsizing - HomesuiteTake the stress out of downsizing - Homesuite

Once your house is ready: 

  • Organise your real estate agent appraisals. You don’t have to just choose the agent you know of in town. Homesuite finds you the three best local agents in your area.  It’s independent, based on an agent’s results, and you make the final decision.  

  • Negotiate your marketing fees and complete the conveyancing. Homesuite can help you with both parts. 

One month before  

  • Source cardboard boxes to start packing your belongings. If you can’t do this yourself or would prefer to hire a professional, Homesuite can arrange packers. Whether you’re downsizing with a busy family or can’t do it yourself, we’re here to help. 

  • Talk to your family or friends about staying with them for a short period, if there’s a gap between your sale and move-in dates. 

  • Book a professional cleaner the week you move out. 

  • Arrange the disconnection of your utilities (and a reconnection at your new place if you want to stay with those providers). Homesuite can help coordinate this, speaking to power, gas, water, internet, and Foxtel representatives. 

You only downsize your property once. Do it the right way.  

You’ll only go through this downsizing journey once. This is your family home, a place you’ve cherished for decades. Give yourself the best chance of the highest sale price, with the help of Homesuite — a team of professionals who help older Australians sell homes, every day.  

Get that dream sale price and enjoy downsizing your house — all for a $299 flat fee, or free, if you engage one of our best in town shortlisted real estate agents.