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Property Values losing steam despite strong monthly rise
7 August 2017
Melbourne property prices continue to outpace Sydney
17 July 2017
Property listings on the rise
12 July 2017
Real Estate prices rise 1.8 % in June across capital cities
4 July 2017
Real Estate values climbing again across Australia
20 June 2017
Long-term viability for Western Australia’s market
16 June 2017
NSW government announces housing reforms
1 June 2017
Port Hedland property prices turn as buyers emerge
24 May 2017
Housing prices drop in most Aust capitals
16 May 2017
Federal Budget 2017 - 5 key Housing policy changes
11 May 2017
Why older Australians don’t downsize ?
9 May 2017
Home prices brake in April after blistering run
1 May 2017
‘We’re calling the top of the Housing Boom’
26 April 2017
Property market under attack on many fronts
20 April 2017
Capital city property values are rising at their fastest rate in 7 years
10 April 2017
Tidal wave: Interest rate rises could drown Australia
27 March 2017
Housing price update ‘shouldn’t surprise anybody’
23 March 2017
Rising rental listings signal ongoing softness across some rental markets
15 March 2017
Victoria makes bold moves to aid housing affordability
8 March 2017
Australian Council of Social Service calls for slashing tax breaks for property investors
1 March 2017
Sydney, Melbourne keeping home values on the climb 
22 February 2017
Eastern states investors to 'kick start' the Perth property market in 2017
21 February 2017
The 9 biggest mistakes sellers should avoid to get the best sales price
25 January 2017
Is March the best time to sell Property?
19 January 2017
Migration surge drives housing markets and economies
16 January 2017
Pick of the bunch: where to buy and sell in Brisbane for 2017
11 January 2017
What’s on the property horizon for 2017?
9 January 2017
Capital dwelling growth surged in 2016
6 January 2017
What will happen when interest rates rise?
14 December 2016
In a Sellers' market, why are Property Vendors being Contract Mugs?
7 December 2016
Capital city dwelling values rise in November
5 December 2016
Negative gearing debate unlikely to help housing affordability
30 November 2016
NSW Fair Trading failed to prosecute "Underquoting" Agency
24 November 2016
Hobart predicted as Real Estate Star for 2017
22 November 2016
Purple Bricks: No Threat
9 November 2016
Sydney property market down as listings rise
7 November 2016
McGrath breaks silence on ‘mass departure’ rumours
31 October 2016
How to have your "Smashed Avo Toast" and eat it too
24 October 2016
High stamp duty costs dissuading some buyers from purchasing a home
20 October 2016
Why Spring is the hottest time in real estate
17 October 2016
Housing affordability has improved in all but two capital cities
13 October 2016
Blue-blood agency Kay & Burton sued for $1.5m over Toorak house
10 October 2016
Where are all the listings and ‘for sale’ signs?
29 September 2016
8 ways to build a successful relationship with your agent
23 September 2016
Apartment oversupply "cannot happen quick enough"
21 September 2016
'Lazy' agents tipped to join new Purple Bricks Agency
13 September 2016
Agents dropping out as market turns
6 September 2016
Showing Aussies how to flip houses
5 September 2016
How to improve your Sale price
1 September 2016
Picky house hunters are missing the boat, Melbourne real estate agents warn
22 August 2016
Remarkable Sydney auction property market heads back into boom territory
15 August 2016
What Queensland home buyers need to check before buying
8 August 2016
Australia’s best growth suburbs under $350,000
5 August 2016
Capital city dwelling values reach a record high in July
2 August 2016
Home sellers reveal biggest Agent failures
27 July 2016
Bad news for Landlords - vacancy rates are on the way up
21 July 2016
Median house prices forecast to fall across most capital cities over next three years
12 July 2016
Investors pile on pressure in Melbourne after federal election called
11 July 2016
Dwelling completions boom as population growth slows
4 July 2016
Investors own half of all Australian units
24 June 2016
Home value changes between elections
21 June 2016
Vendors fed up with "Hard Sell' agents
14 June 2016
Why is housing investment so popular?
6 June 2016
Brisbane home values see massive growth this property cycle
3 June 2016
Largest annual falls in advertised weekly rents
23 May 2016
Industry leader calls for major stamp duty tax reform 
20 May 2016
Property owners warned about looming risk
17 May 2016
Real Estate Agents nervous over weakening property market
16 May 2016
'It requires more training to become a barista than an agent'
13 May 2016
Federal Budget 2016 - Property News
5 May 2016
Home values in Australia continue to rise as rental yields slip to new record lows
2 May 2016
Majority of Aussies fear real estate crash
26 April 2016
Capital city clearance rate below 70 per cent for three weeks running
18 April 2016
Melbourne on the cusp of a downturn
14 April 2016
Australia's Ghost suburbs: A national scandal.
29 March 2016
Perfect Storm for Melbourne Buyers
10 March 2016
What is the future of Real Estate Agents ?
7 March 2016
Underquoting in Sydney on the decline:
4 March 2016
How to choose a Retirement Village
29 February 2016
Who needs a Vendor Advocate?
26 February 2016
Real Estate Boss sounds alarm on foreign investors
25 February 2016
Major bank forecasts ‘volatile year’ for real estate
18 February 2016
Property prices: Why 2016 won’t look anything like 2015
16 February 2016
Vic agencies raided for underquoting
4 February 2016
Melbourne overtakes Sydney as best performing capital
1 February 2016
Waiting for a property price ‘crash’ cost Aussies thousands
28 January 2016
Where should you start when choosing an agent ?
20 January 2016
Glory days over for Sydney, but starting for Hobart
15 January 2016
End of year wrap up
23 December 2015
New data reveals big increase in listings over the past year -Sydney and Darwin
9 December 2015
‘Baristas trained longer than real estate agents’, warns new industry president
2 December 2015
Which properties sell at auction?
1 December 2015
How a comparison website is saving people thousands when selling the family home
26 November 2015
Auction results continue to trend lower
23 November 2015
How to sell your property ?
9 November 2015
Agents given harsh reality check as good times end
5 November 2015
Is it time to cash out of the property market ?
30 October 2015
The property market has peaked
23 October 2015
How to pick the best Real Estate Agent ?
20 October 2015
September Property Snapshot Infographic
16 October 2015
7 Traps to Avoid when Selling your Home
7 October 2015
Sydney and Melbourne are now ‘extreme seller’s markets’
30 September 2015
Sydney property prices faltering as new home 'tsunami' hits
21 September 2015
New underquoting rules will impose ‘strict liability’ on agents
17 September 2015
Housing downturn coming, warns research group
14 September 2015
The New Retirement Living Handbook
10 September 2015
Property affordability improves
7 September 2015
Agents showing potential buyers without agreements in place
1 September 2015
Time to sell your investment property ?
28 August 2015
Australia’s worst house sells $168k over reserve, proving desperate property seekers are willing to buy anything
24 August 2015
Home Ownership Dream is Downsizing
17 August 2015
Australian housing market now valued at $6 trillion
10 August 2015
The Top 3 myths about real estate agents
3 August 2015
Why use a real estate agent?
28 July 2015
Agent Select is on the Air
27 July 2015
How to find the Best Real Estate Agent
21 July 2015
Latest prediction on Australian property prices from the ECONOMIC RECORD
13 July 2015
Central Coast's property boom
10 July 2015
Property prices in Sydney surge while other capitals underperform: ABS
22 June 2015
Property expert Andrew Winter says prepare yourself properly before you sell your home
18 June 2015
Container homes a growing builder trend in Perth
15 June 2015
Chinese language signs urge buyers to buy into Sydney real estate
10 June 2015
Gold Coast real estate: time to buy is now, says Vic property guru
5 June 2015
For luxurious living, look no further than this range of Brisbane homes
3 June 2015
Soaring Canberra real estate prices see more homes sell for above $1 million mark
1 June 2015
Heritage homes back in demand for Perth homebuyers
29 May 2015
Two days all it took for one couple to buy new home
26 May 2015
Black Rock beach house hits market at $6 million
22 May 2015
Great property buys on the South Australian coastal areas
20 May 2015
Property continues to sell around Sydney at auction
18 May 2015
What buyers want in Victorian properties
15 May 2015
Crowdfunding: The next generation of real estate investing
13 May 2015
Sydney real estate: Reserve Bank's hand in surging clearance rates
11 May 2015
Are You Looking to Downsize Your Family Home?
7 May 2015
Sydney, Melbourne real estate auctions make case against RBA interest rate cut
4 May 2015
Shock property price falls
1 May 2015
REB Online Top 50 Sales Offices 2015
29 April 2015
Five pieces of real estate advice you should ignore
27 April 2015
Reserve Bank could pour fuel on fiery Sydney market
22 April 2015
'A complete load of rubbish': Economists hit out at negative gearing myths
20 April 2015
Perth suburb Como is attracting a country crowd
16 April 2015
A southern suburb is on the move and is tipped to follow success of nearby neighbourhoods
9 April 2015
Tech savvy property hunting: the next trends
7 April 2015
Wahroonga home The Briars has a French connection to Napoleon Bonaparte
1 April 2015
Records for auctions in 2015 in three capital cities
30 March 2015
Reforms will slow housing, in time, says RBA
27 March 2015
Perth home buyers look next door for value
25 March 2015
Socceroo star snaps up Gold Coast property
23 March 2015
How to negotiate the best commission
20 March 2015
Donvale property for sale after more than 120 years in one family
18 March 2015
Top Hollywood agents say there's something (to love) about Brisbane
17 March 2015
Need Help Selling the Family Home?
13 March 2015
Aussie snapper's $25.5m Hawaiian paradise for sale
12 March 2015
Strong demand in Sydney the main feature of weekend
9 March 2015
Gold Coast Investors Tipped To Be The Real Winner In Commonwealth Games
5 March 2015
February ends with strong auction results
3 March 2015
Where are most of Melbourne's million dollar homes sold?
26 February 2015
Property supply catching up with demand?
20 February 2015
What is your agency doing to encourage Chinese buyers?
16 February 2015
National clearance rate of 70% recorded for the weekend
15 January 2015

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